Friday, 16 March 2012

piece of my creativity

this skirt is seriously massive it has 7 different pieces to complete a full circler skirt, the skirt was finished with boning around the edges 
the brown skirt was inspired by fish scale, the skirt is chiffon and OMG cause i was new in making clothes i had not idea how to save money on fabric shopping (stupid me ) 

in here i was creating a detail for maxi dress wish unfortunately i have only manage to create the detailing 

awwwww  my lovely little sis trying out my unfinished dress , full of pins on her butt :) 

ORIGINALLY' this jacket colour is a beautiful &bright orange but had gone 24 hours  without  any sleep cause i had a deadline and this picture was taken next day at 6 am and i looked terrible so made the picture  black and white.
hope u all have a lovely weekend


Sister Couture said...

absolutely love your blog! definately follwoed! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog and maybe follow back? i would love my blog to be as good as yours! x

Blog 101 said...

OMG I just had a flash of my days on fashion school drapping and sewing the hole night!! would love to see more photos of youre stuff!!
Im following you on google and blogloving!!

Steph C. said...

omg u are so so talented!! im in love with all the pieces you've made so far :D
keep up the good work babe!


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